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The preview of Android 11 has its AirDrop

Google has launched the second Android 11 developer preview and among the support and release notes the technology giant has confirmed that it is working on an AirDrop-like functionality for its mobile platform, to allow devices to exchange files quickly.

As 9to5Google discovered, part of the notes mention a sharing feature. At the moment there seems to be a known problem with this function: when used between two Pixel 4 devices, the recipient's device indicates that it has not received the file, even if the transfer was successful:

When sharing files with Fast Share between two Pixel 4 devices, the operation completes correctly, but the user interface on the device receiving the file indicates that it has not received it

The first reports on the sharing capacity had emerged already in mid-2019, and then they referred to the functionality with the name of "Fast Share". Although the new release note still mentions it by this name, a more recent sighting of the feature by the XDA developers had shown how the feature had been renamed to "Nearby Sharing".

Google studies its AirDrop for Android

Google studies its AirDrop for Android

Whatever the final name that Google will choose for its AirDrop, explains 9to5mac, the function will be to allow nearby Android devices to easily share files with other Android users. Google has not yet revealed when it will finally launch the feature, but it should also make it available on previous versions of its operating system.

If you want a guide on how to use AirDrop on Mac, the reference link to follow is below.