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The motion sensor for Hue bulbs from Philips

Philips Hue smart bulbs will not only light up via iPhone and iPad. Thanks to a new sensor, arriving in the fall, it will be sufficient to enter the room to turn them on automatically and without any interaction with your electronic devices.

It is basically a motion sensor powered by two AAA mini-stylus batteries (2-3 years of autonomy declared by the manufacturer) which interfaces with the Hue Bridge controller for the management of Hue bulbs.

motion sensor

It can be positioned anywhere in the house and customized through the app to program the operating time slot, thus avoiding switching on during the day, and the type of scene to be activated based on the time of day, thus being able, for example, to opt for softer lights for assaults. at night in the refrigerator, as well as obviously the sensitivity of operation.

On the back side there is a magnet to facilitate the attachment of the device on the metal surfaces, while the viewing angle of the sensor can be oriented 30 degrees horizontally and vertically, thus improving the operating range.

The arrival of the new sensor on the market is expected for the month of October at the price of 39.95 dollars.

motion sensor