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The launch of iMac? A success!

From the reports of our readers, arrived through emails and our Forum and from the stories of the retailers, the launch of the new "compact" with G4 processor has brought more than ever in recent times the attention of consumers towards computers with the Apple: in the points sales placed in a strategic position for spending the weekend all the demonstration spaces that saw iMac as the protagonist were overcrowded.

A compliment should also be made to the preparation of the demonstrators who proved to be up to the exclusive features of the new machines, their location in the digital hub and to explain the news of the Mac OS Unix engine.

Here are some passages from the letters we received …

"I saw Gigli near Florence from Mediaworld in the center. People were mostly attracted by his multimedia skills but also by the unix heart expertly illustrated by the promoter (a computer science student) extremely competent and well versed in Apple. Wonderful, beautiful, etc. comments that have been wasted for the whole hour that I've been there. OsX fast really is a success among PC people, incidentally there were PCs with the latest Windows XP which compared to aqua b seems like children … "

"L" I saw today from Mediaworld in Turin. Very beautiful. The really good LCD screen fast OsX quality. "

"I saw it last night from my dealer in Parma. Even though it was closing time, the shop was full! It is simply wonderful, the audio very" loud "and the quality of the monitor allowed no discussion. Nice, I hope they sell at least as much as the old one. "

“I have just returned from the mondadori in via marghera in milan where they presented the new imac: E C C E Z ​​I O N A L E What squalor the PCs with their box-shaped houses exposed next to them: They were projected suddenly into the past. From now on, comparisons such as "the coast …" are no longer possible, they are simply different objects by their nature. Apple once again sets the rules! Incidentally, the OSX on the imac travels strongly: it is finally usable. "

The iMac presentations will continue at the points of sale throughout Italy as the flow of the machines will acquire regularity and that these will reach the national distributors in quantity. Given the large demand, it will be good to book!

In the images alongside the presentation of Magneti Media in Bergamo, Silene in Turin, Musicarte in Rome … if you have taken photos of the various presentations sent to us … we will insert them on a special page …