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The iBook project for Maine is at risk

The iBook project for Maine at risk – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The project that should lead to the provision of 36,000 iBooks to students in the state of Maine could be curtailed or perhaps even canceled. Some journalistic sources claim that recurring rumors among the legislators of the same American state among whom those who would be evaluating these options are increasing.The reasons for the doubts and uncertainties about the project derive from its costs: about 30 million dollars, 36 millions of euros. A very important figure and that would be difficult to enter the state's multi-year budget. "This is an initiative that is good in a period of fat cows – said Republican Kevin Glynn – but now we are in a time of lean cows", citing the recession-driven decrease in tax revenue of $ 250 million. A collapse that Governor Angus King, the main supporter of the student initiative, would like to compensate for with a decrease in social investment by maintaining the "iBook project". King has already made some changes to the project, which would be on a four-year scale, allocating funds for 25 million dollars instead of 30 million and announces that he will not step back. "It would be a tragic mistake to cancel a project of this magnitude – he told some newspapers – only for some contingent budgetary difficulties and which concern only the current year" The position appears less defensible in the terms proposed two years ago, when the climate economic was very different and when the opponents were much less and much less fierce than today. Some of them, the more moderate, propose a downsizing or approval on a biennial rather than four-year scale. Others, the most radical, think that the most logical solution is the cancellation of the project. There are also those who ask that the project be revised considering that students should, instead of using Apple machines, learn to use compatible PCs, the most popular in the field of work and business. At this moment the two groups, opponents and favorable, they face each other pending a final decision that will be taken on the basis of the positions of those who have not yet expressed themselves. The fate of the project will not be known until March 31, when the budget law of the State of Maine is approved .

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