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The Find My iPhone service is ready

marzo 22, 2020

Whoever is the developer and has installed the final version of the operating system for iPhone version 3.0 has made a nice discovery: Apple has in fact already activated the location service for lost or stolen devices.

The iPhone 3.0 software also includes the new Find My iPhone function, which works together with MobileMe, so that you can locate the lost phone on a Google map in the web browser (on any computer), send a message that will appear on the screen the appliance or make it reproduce a loud sound to allow you to locate and retrieve the phone even if lost at home with the silent mode active.

The developers present at WWDC here in San Francisco informed Macity about the activation of the service. Together with the Find My iPhone feature, Apple has also activated the Remote Wipe function, which allows you to remotely wipe the contents of the entire phone. Previously this feature was only available for iPhones registered on an Exchange server, now basically it has also become a feature of MobileMe.

In reality, the operation of Remote Wipe will be slightly different: in old devices it will take a few minutes (or a little more, as Apple experts explained to Macity during yesterday's product briefing), while in new ones it may also be instantaneous. The credit for this security supplement, in this second case, all of the hardware encryption system of the iPhone memory, which allows you to "jump" the integrity of the encrypted file, making it immediately illegible. We also remind, for completeness, that when the encryption mode is activated, the backup contained on the Mac or on the PC with which the iPhone is synchronized via iTunes is also encrypted.

Below is an image of the screen taken during the presentation of the WWDC keynote