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The EU wants to limit Netflix and YouTube to lighten networks and encourage smart working

The European Union has invited Netflix, YouTube and other streaming platforms to consider temporarily reducing the quality of streaming in an attempt to alleviate the stress of broadband networks in the Old Continent, so as to encourage the smart working of tens of millions of people. forced to work from home because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The EU said streaming platforms should consider offering only standard definition programming, effectively eliminating high definition programming, while individual users should pay attention to data consumption. European Commissioner responsible for digital policy, said streaming platforms and telecommunications companies currently have a joint responsibility to take steps to ensure the smooth functioning of the Internet.

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In response to the request, a Netflix spokesman acknowledged the potential problem, but stressed that the existing tools to provide content to users, allow you to store video libraries in hotspots closer to customers, thereby alleviating the supporting structure of Internet:

Commissioner Breton is right in stressing the importance of ensuring that the Internet continues to function smoothly during this critical period. We have focused on the efficiency of the network for many years, including the free provision of our open connection service to telecommunications companies

Furthermore, it should be considered that Netflix's "adaptive streaming" technology also allows you to adjust the resolution of a video based on the bandwidth available in the home or local area. In contrast, YouTube declined to comment on or respond to the EU's request.

According to Financial Times, there are growing concerns that home broadband connections, designed to cope with nighttime traffic waves only, may not be able to handle long days of video conferencing subjects and teens attending online lessons or accessing streaming games or watching movies.

EU laws on network neutrality prohibit the limitation of entertainment services, but several telecommunications executives across the continent have suggested a possible cooperation plan to safeguard the system at present. Italy, one of the countries most affected by the pandemic, has seen the increase in video teleconferences triple, in competition with the growing use of streaming for video and games, a combination that has resulted in a 75% increase in domestic broadband traffic and mobile networks over the past weekend.

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In the meantime, the Spanish telecommunications industry has issued a warning urging consumers to ration the use of the Internet by streaming and downloading during off-peak hours. He also asked people to consider using landlines for voice calls.

UK mobile networks were severely interrupted on Tuesday after the number of voice calls suddenly increased by 30% and overloaded the system, leaving hundreds of thousands of customers unable to connect to call other users on other mobile networks.

Last Wednesday, the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allowed Verizon, T-Mobile and US Cellular to temporarily use an additional spectrum to meet growing broadband demand.

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