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The disassembled Pre reveals similarities with the iPhone and also improvements

The disassembled Pre reveals similarities with iPhone and also improvements – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Available in the United States for a few days, some websites have purchased the new Palm Pre exclusively to dismantle it piece by piece, to reveal all the internal components, the details of the construction and the quality of the assembly. The US site iFixit specialized in repairing Apple hardware and not only broke the Palm Pre by detecting numerous interesting similarities but also improvements with the smartphone, not only the main competitor but also taken as a reference model, obviously iPhone. IFixit's hardware-savvy staff praises the Palm engineers' work by promoting the assembly and internal construction of the Pre with flying colors and also declaring that the Pre's hardware “closely resembles Apple's engineering style more than any other device. of other brands examined ".

Recall that after the hiring by Jon Rubinstein of Palm, the former Apple executive brought several other engineers and hardware experts to Palm who previously worked for Apple, in particular several people from the team that worked in the iPod hardware group and also in the early stages of iPhone construction. For this reason, it is not surprising that various details and solutions adopted by Palm for the Pre recall very closely the high quality and also some solutions designed by Apple for iPhone. The two smartphones house two separate cards for the management of the smarpthone and the one for the communications section. The one-year advantage over the iPhone and the implementation of some choices other than Apple allowed to improve several details. To integrate the sliding keyboard, Palm has increased the thickness of the Pre compared to the iPhone, a solution that also offers more freedom to engineers who thus have more space available inside the device.

Unlike the iPhone, the rear panel of the removable Pre allows the user to replace the battery supplied as standard. The greater available space was used to integrate a decidedly larger and also powerful speaker than that of the iPhone and also to insert on the back the metal spiral necessary to recharge the battery without having to resort to the connection cables. We remind you that by purchasing the optional support base, the Pre can be recharged simply by placing it on the base.

Finally, remember that according to an analysis performed by iSupply the total cost of the components of the Pre was estimated at $ 138, this analysis was performed in late April well in advance of the real availability of the Pre. Now that the Pre available in US stores another site specializing in hardware repairs has revised upwards the estimate of the total cost of the components, reaching 170 dollars, therefore not far from the 173 estimated dollars necessary for the construction of iPhone 3G, always according to iSupply. In this article we report an image of all the components of the Palm Pre made by the iFixit site after work. On the lower right visible the disassembled rear panel with the metal spiral necessary for wireless charging of induction connection.

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