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The ARM revolution will arrive (also for Apple) in 2010

The ARM revolution will arrive (also for Apple) in 2010 – logomacitynet1200wide 1

ARM confirms: the first processors based on Cortex A9 technology will arrive next year. The source James Bruce, wireless segment manager of the British company who is acting in the field of technologies for mobile devices who spoke of his company's development plans in a telephone conversation with C / Net.

The date of 2010 as the moment of the launch of the revolutionary platform had been indicated since last winter; Texas Instruments, one of ARM's licensees, was among the first companies to announce the presentation of new Cortex A9-based mobile processors for early next year. Scondo TI the speed of a Cortex A9 chip, thanks to the double core and the speed up to a GHz, will be able to perform calculations very quickly with symmetric calculation.

Now Bruce provides other information specifying, for example, that the consumption could have peaks of 10 or 20% higher than those of the current Cortex A8 (most likely used in the iPhone 3G S), but on average the current consumption should be more bass. The Cortex A9 will also have a particular architecture based on the same superscalar design of the A8 model (capable of executing two instructions per clock cycle) to which it adds for the execution of out of order instructions aggressively.

Recall that Apple, although no one has ever made any official announcement about it, among the licensees of ARM and that it is taken for granted that the next processor for iPhone and perhaps also for the next Apple tablet will be built at home by the former PASemi team and will be based on a Cortex A9 core. The launch of the new iPhone model should take place as usual by next spring.

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