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tado ° will update old smart thermostats for use with Homekit and Apple Casa

We talked about it on the first day of the IFA 2016 preview: as promised a few months ago the German company makes compatible with HomeKit both its thermostats already on the market for years and the brand new thermostatic valves that allow you to manage the temperature of each individual radiator of the home but tado will also update the old thermostats.

In the visit to the stand, which allowed us to try one of the very first complete installations of Homekit with a preview of iOS 10 on iPad, tado confirmed to us that all third generation thermostats will be compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Homekit and Siri : it will thus be possible to directly control or control the temperature on your phone, on your Apple Watch and even regulate it by voice.

tado aggiornerThe range of tado products for the thermal management of the home: from the thermostat to the valves to the air conditioner

But there is an interesting novelty also for first-hour customers: all those who own the version 2 thermostat model, the most popular and popular of the company, can upgrade to version 3 simply by changing the small gateway supplied with the model equipped with MFI chip suitable to be controlled by the Home application that you will find on the home page of iPhone, iPad and iPod compatible with iOS 10. Obviously from the same application you can control valves, thermostat and all devices compatible with the Apple home automation framework.

As far as the software is concerned, the management of the temperatures shown to the user on the LED panel has been improved and simplified, the system for some months now also compatible with IFTTT.

The software version installed on the v3 thermostat, which allows better control of the home temperature thanks to the possible integration with the Smart Thermostatic Heads, will also be released for the v2 thermostat. In addition to being aesthetically more elegant, the Internet Bridge v3 has the pairing function that can be activated by the user himself.

The expected cost of the upgrade, according to what we refer to the stand, should not exceed 49 Euros.

Tado products are available at large retailers, at Apple Premium Resellers and also online.

Below a gallery from the Tado stand at IFA 2016

Below still what the tado valves, thermostat and room temperature detection look like in the iPad version of Home based on Homekit.

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