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tado ° presents Homekit and Amazon Echo compatible thermostats and valves

marzo 22, 2020

The Homekit version of the tado thermostat now in its third generation is finally available but the brand new intelligent thermostatic heads are ready for the new season: the new products for intelligent heating allow voice control and connectivity extended to any platform that adapts to any home and lifestyle.

tado presents at IFA 2016 the Intelligent Thermostat in version 3 and the new Intelligent Thermostatic Heads in time for the start of the winter season: the latter complete the catalog of the company's products and can be added to the Thermostat for even more home climate control effective and punctual on the single radiator.

compatible tado homekit smart thermostatic valves

Since 2012, the tado Intelligent Thermostat has made it possible to manage modern or non-modern heating systems via the internet throughout Europe, with savings that we also found in the Macitynet tests. The Smart Thermostatic Heads complete the tado offer by allowing multi-zone and individual radiator control even in homes without room thermostats. I am the first company to combine, in a single product, the possibility of managing the radiators individually and the revolutionary temperature control based on the location directly within the control application.

To meet the increasingly advanced needs of comfort, the third generation of tado products introduces new algorithms that optimize consumption and new forms of interaction between the devices themselves. The expansion of the product range and additions makes the tado system attractive to a wider number of consumers. Many will be attracted, for example, by the possibility of controlling the heating simply by talking to Siri (Apple) or Alexa (Amazon Echo *), or to create different scenarios for the home using IFTTT, HomeKit and Echo.

compatible tado homekit smart thermostatic valves

With these additions, for example, tado will be able not only to turn off the heating when all users leave home but to activate the alarm and turn off the lights. Intelligent heating control remains the main sector in the evolution towards the smart home, as it generates easily quantifiable savings and increased comfort. says tado

The solution for every type of home

We want to simplify the user's tasks from every point of view. Sustainable technologies must produce tangible benefits to be accepted in everyday life. This is the context where the connectivity and support of multiple platforms plays a crucial role. The third generation of tado products designed to meet the various possible structural configurations relating to heating.

tado offers two types of basic kits: one for homes with an independent heating system and one for those equipped with radiators only.

Both basic kits can be purchased or rented on, or alternatively, they can be found on sale on Amazon, from Mediaworld, Euronics and Leroy Merlin. It is also possible to expand the system with additional Thermostatic Heads and Intelligent Thermostats. Intelligent tado heating ensures an improvement in energy efficiency and comfort in every home.

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How tado works

Lapp tado uses the location services of users' smartphones to turn off the heating when nobody in the house; in the same way, when the first of them is about to return, tado activates the heating to bring the home temperature to the desired values. tado also takes advantage of the weather forecast and learns the thermal characteristics of the home to obtain maximum comfort and allow high energy savings.