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Scosche tapSTICK, case and controls for all headphones on 3G shuffle

Scosche has announced one of the most interesting accessories for the new third generation iPod shuffle. As everyone now knows, the latest version of the shuffle implements the controls directly on the earphone wire; the Apple reader can thus be controlled only by using the remote controls and, more controversially, it is not possible to use your personal earphones if they do not have this indispensable feature.

This need has annoyed many users, perhaps eager to use their favorite headphones but unable to do so.No fear, the solution comes from Scosche, who designed the tapSTICK cover for shuffle with a lot of integrated controls. The case will go into the jack used to accommodate headphones or earphones: it will therefore be possible to control the player through the tapSTICK buttons, including voice-over.

With the convenient external jack it will then finally be possible to use your favorite earphones, without being obliged to use those of Apple (or compatible). Being then a cover, the shuffle will be even more protected from any knocks or falls.

Scosche's tabSTICK is undoubtedly one of the most interesting accessories for the iPod shuffle 3G, especially for users who are not very convinced by the new control system introduced by Apple. The gadget pre-order on the Scosche website, in black and white; it will be sold in early July at a cost of $ 30.

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