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Parachute Panic: hand-drawn thoughts for iPhone / touch

Parachute Panic: hand-drawn thoughts for iPhone / touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

If we are looking for a game that can keep us company in a waiting room or for a quick break, let's have a look at the original Parachute Panic. All the elements have been studied to capture the player in a few moments: graphic and sound, as well as the game action. The intriguing soundtrack created by a cappella choirs, while the fluid and detailed graphics seem to be made directly from freehand sketches. An airplane flies over the top of the screen and our brave little men throw themselves into the void. Using the tap of the finger on the touch-sensitive screen, our task is to touch once the little man to open the parachute at the right time, then direct if the descent is needed by pushing the parachute to the right or left with small touches to do in so that ours lands safely on one of the support ships at the bottom of the screen.

Our mission made more difficult not only by the growing number of paratroopers to keep an eye on and manage but also by storm clouds, hungry sharks and even dangerous UFOs hunting human guinea pigs. In addition to the background vocals, the game can offer funny animations and sound effects both in the case of a successful descent and especially when something goes wrong, always managing to tear a smile. In addition to the images, we report the YouTube movie that illustrates how this title works: available on the App Store for 79 cents.

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