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Only 150,000 iMacs in late March?

Only 150,000 iMacs in late March? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

After Merril Lynch, Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) also thinks that Apple will very well be unable to achieve the goals it has set for the end of the quarter in terms of delivering iMacs. The financial consulting firm has in fact forwarded to its customers a document that estimates the number of iMacs actually sold at the end of March in just 150,000 units. The quantity would be far from that expected at the time of the launch of the iMac by the main analysts. In that context, data from Apple Wall Street set at least 200,000 if not 250,000 iMacs sold at the end of March.In addition to this estimate, according to CSFB, Apple may not even be able to reach 150,000 machines which would translate in a huge reduction in profits for the current quarter.Remember that yesterday Merril Lynch had estimated 10,000 or maximum 15,000 iMacs shipped until the end of February assuming that behind the delays there were hardware problems. Defect in terms of radiation shielding for Merril Lynch, of Firmware for MacUser UK

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