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Nokia 5310, the phone comes back to life all music and radio

The new Nokia 5G (8.3) is not the only novelty of the company: together with the top of the range that supports the new ultra-fast networks, two other smartphones and a new member of the Originals family have been presented.

Nokia 5310

Starting from the latter, it is the Nokia 5310 (from May in the colors White / Red and Black / Red at the price of 49 euros) which incorporates functions and design from the original Nokia 5310 Xpress Music, among the first of the time (it was 2007) that allowed you to bring your MP3 collection through your mobile phone.

This new feature phone has an MP3 player and an FM radio, combined with two front speakers to be able to listen to music even without headphones (the first of the Nokia Originals that allows you to listen to the radio without connecting headphones).

The design mixes the classic one of the first model of thirteen years ago with a new smooth shell and a battery that promises a 30 day autonomy in standby or over 20 in call.

Nokia 5.3

One of two additional smartphones just announced on Nokia 5.3 (from May in the colors Cyan, Sand and Charcoal in the 4GB / 64GB RAM / ROM version at the price of 219 euros), equipped with Android 10, 6.55 large screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor and a system of four cameras – of including a wide angle and a macro – which incorporates artificial intelligence technology to facilitate the acquisition of the best possible shot even in low light conditions thanks to the Night mode.

Nokia 1.3

The fourth and final novelty of the company the Nokia 1.3 (from May in Cyan, Sand and Charcoal colors at a price of 109 euros), equipped with the Android 10 Go Edition operating system (then upgradeable to version 11 of the same) and among the first smartphones to be launched with Camera Go, low-light technology AI image fusion, Gallery Go and a bright HD + edge-to-edge screen.


In fact, in addition to the top 5G Nokia 8.3 and the aforementioned Nokia 1.3, 5.3 and Nokia 5310 there is also another novelty concerning the data roaming market: it is in fact HDM Connect, a new global data roaming service that allows you to benefit from a data SIM when you travel to keep full control of your data plan. In fact, it allows you to connect only to the things that interest you most, paying only on consumption: just register via app to receive the SIM card at home.

The service will be launched in the coming months in the BETA version through and will operate in over 120 countries: the company is however working to extend coverage to an even greater number of networks and countries through the collaboration with Greenwave Systems and local operators.