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New Belikin cases for iPhone 3G and 3G S

Belkin today announced a new line of cases for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G. The new collection – says Belkin – was created at the end of an exhaustive research on the preferences of iPhone users and on the latest color trends for 2009.

'The iPhone market is constantly expanding and Belkin is committed to developing the best range of accessories to meet the needs of style and practicality of iPhone users – said Hanoz Gandhi, Belkin Vice President of Products – in light of the recent announcement regarding the applications TuneCast Auto Live FM transmitter software and ClearScan Live, Belkin continues to show its efforts to create a range of innovative and practical iPhone accessories. In line with the latest color trends, such as indigo and a combination of bright pink and white, Belkin cases have been designed keeping in mind what iPhone users love and responding to all their needs. The Ergo Grip case, for example, protects the iPhone with a thin knurled layer of silicone, which guarantees maximum grip for playing games, sending messages or surfing the web ".

Grip casesWith Grip cases, the iPhone is safely protected by a thin knurled layer of silicone. The different textured designs, in addition to adding a touch of style and color, also guarantee optimal grip. The shaped structure of the Grip cases allows you to recharge the iPhone leaving it in the case. The models: Grip Ergo (cost 24.99 Euros) has an ergonomic design with profiled protrusions and available in the colors: caviar, chilli and indigo; Grip Vector (24.99 Euro) available in colors: caviar / transparent, caviar / bright pink, caviar / bright blue; Grip Vector Duo (19.99 Euro) available in colors: black and white caviar (pack of 2)

BodyGuard casesTaking advantage of a combination of polycarbonate and rubber materials, BodyGuard cases protect the iPhone and ensure optimal grip. These slim and lightweight cases eliminate any bulk and offer maximum protection, allowing total access to iPhone connectors, buttons and screen. These are the models: BodyGuard Hue (34.99 Euro), characterized by 2 sections in polycarbonate that fit together to create 2 different shades of color. Available in colors: light graphite / white, bright blue / white, garnet / light graphite, lemon yellow / light graphite; BodyGuard Halo (34.99 Euro), shaped chromed rubber line adds a touch of color and ensures easy grip of the case. Available in colors: transparent / caviar, transparent / lemon yellow; BodyGuard Cush (34.99 Euro), the internal rubber coating protects against scratches and daily dents. Available in colors: caviar and grenade.

Leather casesLeather case with liftable tongue (34.99 Euro), the liftable tab allows you to take the iPhone out of the case for quick access and easy navigation. The window opening allows easy viewing of the time and caller; leather folio case (34.99 Euros); horizontal profile leather case (34.99 Euro).

Also available the Micra Flex (29.99 Euro) with a slim and snug design in polycarbonate and rubber, non-slip external surface for optimal grip, access to connectors, buttons and screen of the iPhone (Colors: black, bright pink, garnet) and the 29,99 Euro sports armband