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New 60 GB EZQuest disk

New 60 GB EZQuest disk – logomacitynet1200wide 1

EZQuest today announced that it has released a new 60GB portable HD. The Cobra Slim, this is the name of the model, has FireWire connectivity and remarkable features: speed of 5400RPM, data transfer from 28 MB per second and power supply through the FireWire cable itself. There is therefore no need for a power supply making the disk ideal, even for its small size, for those who use it in combination with a laptop. The recommended price for the American market is $ 629, around € 700 which allow you to have available also the following accessories and software: Intech Speed ​​Tools Formatting and RAID Level 0, a two-meter FireWire cable, EZ Start Up CD. Optionally, you can also purchase a power supply that allows you to make the disk independent of the computer in terms of electrical energy.

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