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Navigon, the MobileNavigator for iPhone is coming

After Tom Tom, Navigon has also announced the availability of its MobileNavigator guided navigation software on the App Store, based on GPS and new firmware 3.0. Among the various features we note the Reality View, notification of road signs, the possibility of playing the music contained in the library, setting the driving direction through the contacts in the address book and the automatic resumption of the indications following a call.

It is not yet known whether there will be accessories available for the application, but the company has specified that two versions of the software will be available, one free and one paid. The free version will allow research on maps and for points of interest, but not will include assisted navigation, present instead in the paid version.

The Navigon software will be available this month, although the release date and the price of the paid version have not yet been revealed.Finally, we also remember Sygic, third player who already at CeBIT previewed his navigation software for iPhone.

Here is a passage from the official press release: "With the new OS 3.0 operating system, Apple made it possible to use the navigation software on the iPhone, and NAVIGON immediately adapted the MobileNavigator software to the new firmware. The iPhone can now be transformed into a versatile and fully functional satellite navigator, "said Egon Minar, CEO of NAVIGON AG.

Choice in the App Store Equipped with the MobileNavigator software, the iPhone 3G (with OS 3.0 operating system) and the iPhone 3G S can guide users safely to their destination – with updated maps and intelligent navigation. MobileNavigator available on the App Store and iPhone owners can choose from several options. The LITE version available for free, without the driving assistant, but with all the maps and the ability to view nearby points of interest. The full version instead guides users quickly and reliably to their destination. This version includes well-known NAVIGON features such as Reality View Pro, Real Roadsign Pro, Lane Assistant Pro, Speed ​​Assistant, Day & Night Mode, as well as the ability to view Points of Interest along the way. With this range of functions, MobileNavigator stands out among its competitors on the market – also because the typical iPhone features have been implemented in an excellent way in the software, so as to make browsing on the iPhone and using the MobileNavigator even more pleasant. If you rotate the iPhone 90 degrees, the display automatically changes from portrait to panoramic view. In addition to automatic display adaptation, and intelligent address entry, there is also the option of navigating directly to the address of a contact saved in your address book. Also, if navigation is interrupted by an incoming call, it will automatically resume after the call ends.

"This will allow all iPhone owners to be guided where they want, when they want – with ease and on the go," said Egon Minar. "

Below we show you an additional better quality YouTube movie with a look at the interface for the iPhone.