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Microsoft Teams update, no more chaos in group calls and video calls

Today more than ever, group calls and video calls become fundamental, not only for recreational purposes, but also and above all for work from home. The update to Microsoft Teams, the app that allows professionals to collaborate between teams, was never more timely and appreciated. That's why the app will become less chaotic.

First, Microsoft Teams introduces real-time noise suppression. In this way the conversations will be less noisy, with the total elimination of the background noise, such as the ticking of a keyboard or the sound of a radio in the distance. The new feature will minimize these unwanted noises, allowing users to hear what is being said more crystal-clear.

Another new feature is the "raise your hand" function, especially useful in remote meetings with many participants – or in particular with talkative people. In these situations it can be difficult to make your voice heard. Touching the Raise hand icon sends a visual signal to everyone during the meeting, thus attracting their attention, making it clear that you have something to say.

Microsoft Teams update, no more chaos in group calls

Other new features include pop-out chats, to help you jump more easily between conversations, and a booking app, which will make planning and conducting virtual appointments easier. There is also support for offline use and use with reduced bandwidth, so as to be able to read chat messages and compose answers even when not online.

Finally, there are some new possible interactions on RealWear devices: in this way industrial workers will be able to use the app to access information and communicate hands-free with remote colleagues from their workplace.

These new features are now available and, given the current global health crisis, they couldn't have come at a better time. It is, therefore, a targeted update, obviously aware.

After all, in just a week, the company has seen teams grow from 32 to 44 million daily users worldwide, with a greater number of subscribers to the platform as more countries confirm their strategies. isolation and smart working. This situation has led the EU to request streaming giants to limit the visual quality of the content.

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