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McDonald's: the US fitness bracelet causes skin irritation

The fitness bracelet that McDonalds gave to his little North American customers as a gift in the Happy Meal was short-lived. As reported by AP, the fitness bracelet for the little ones was responsible for some cases of skin irritation.

The company would have received some reports of cases of skin irritation that could be due precisely to the fitness bracelet distributed inside the Happy Meal. McDonalds is currently investigating what happened, to get more certainty about the potential skin problems of his fitness bracelet and to offer his younger customers an alternative tribute instead of the fitness band.

The fitness bracelet born as an alternative experiment in North American restaurants to offer a different gift to those who had decided to buy a Happy Meal, perhaps taking advantage of the spirit of emulation of the little ones, eager and satisfied to own a gadget similar to that worn by mom and dad .

On the other hand, the initiative would also aim to chase the current trend related to well-being, in order to be able to undress the clothes of the company symbol of junk food and reposition its brand, an attempt on which it has been committed for many months.

Experiment that at this point could bring more contraindications than benefits. In addition to poor quality food, it could now be pointed out as a distributor of poor quality irritating fitness bands, moreover oriented to the public of the very young.

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