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Maxtor: watch out for 160 ATA drives! They run at 137 GB!

Maxtor: watch out for 160 ATA drives! They run at 137 GB! – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Alessio writes ?It would be useful if you provided this information about Maxtor Diamondmax 160 Gb hard disks. Due to an Ata interface limitation, it does not see disks over 137 GB. Specifically, 160 GB disks are seen. as 137 GB disks, and basically 127.5 GB formatted.

Maxtor itself in speaking on its site, and states that the evolving ATA interface and soon this limit will be exceeded; for the user who wants the drives of this capacity, it provides a PCI card that goes beyond the fateful barrier. This – alas – not advertised by anyone, and so I took care of myself; now I hope the reseller will accept the return, because paying for 160 GB and using 127 lasts! "

Find information about the problem on this Maxtor PDF.

Among the cards that manage 160 Mb, (48-bit LBA addressing is required, we recommend Acard's 6280 and 6880 models.

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