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Mac OS X Mail: Update the Dock for all Mailboxes

Mac OS X Mail: update the Dock for all Mailboxes – logomacitynet1200wide 1

When the messages arrive in the Mail subfolders, ignore them and report only the unread messages in the "Inbox" box. To solve this problem, here is the solution:

-in the preferences, select Account and create a new account.-give any name (for convenience, the same name as the folders where you sort the mail) -put your email address, your name, the pop server, no password and the server SMTP.-IMPORTANT: as username it must be the same as the account description, and not your usual ID, which by the way would not even be accepted by Mail because it is already in use) -in “Account Options” select “Enable this account ", and remove the check mark from" Include this account when … "and" Delete messages from the server … ", while as a folder where to put the messages, select the one where you sort the messages.

Now the folders will have the same icon as the Inbox, and the number of unread messages will be updated in the dock for all folders!

(By Daniele Volpin)

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