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Lonely Planet San Francisco free for iPhone

It could be just to train your English, to keep your attention high or to try a type of product even if it may interest other cities. The fact is that the offer of a free Lonely Planet San Francisco for iPhone and iPod touch is an opportunity according to the editorial staff of Macity not to be missed. And we are using it to move on the streets of San Francisco daily.

The free version of the guide, a really delicate thought for the more than six thousand developers gathered in San Francisco, is becoming a best seller for many travel enthusiasts or simply for the curious who want to understand what they can find in the guide. In fact, a remarkable tool not only for its size (54.7 MB to be downloaded via Wi-Fi) but also for the richness, variety and ingenuity of the content which will cost 12.99 euros when it comes back for a fee.

The first thing is the ability to locate with Gps the places where you are while using the guide of San Francisco: useful with the map and to find places to eat and drink, or where to have fun. In San Francisco, which has always had the reputation of being a city with more restaurants in the United States, not difficult, but a good guide helps you understand where to really go.

The maps can also be used offline, with or without Gps: excellent comfort, especially when traveling and not wanting to use data roaming, which can be far too expensive. The ease of using the guide, which follows all the classic metaphors of the iPhone, also facilitated by the possibility of searching by keywords for the places or events you want to follow.

The guide can also be customized, otherwise unavailable and very useful information can be found, not to mention that it is also possible to write down notes and notes.

To date, Lonely Planet has created 20 guides for iPhone: in addition to San Francisco, there are also London, New York, Melbourne, Dublin, Barcelona, ​​Rome, Tokyo, Paris, Prague, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Madrid, Miami, Seoul, Dubai, Berlin , Cape Town, Singapore and Mexico City. All guides are in English and require version 2.1 or higher of iPhone Os.

Lonely Planet San Francisco is free to download from here