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LinkDesk Room Locator: the motion detector compatible with Apple HomeKit

A Bluetooth device for iPhone and iPad that turns smart devices on and off at home the moment you enter or leave a certain room. And LinkDesk Room Locator, a new solution that goes beyond indoor location systems such as Apple's iBeacon and Google's Eddystone, as it is specifically designed for use in individual rooms in the home.

How does it work

It therefore replaces traditional motion detectors with the addition of an intelligent feature that allows it to determine whether a person is entering or leaving a room, acting accordingly. The whole system revolves around the position of the associated iPhone or iPad: the free compatible app and you can download it from this App Store page.

For example, LinkDesk Room Locator can act autonomously by turning the lights on or off, activating or deactivating the heaters, or turning off smart devices in the absence of users for greater energy savings.

LinkDesk Room Locator

LinkDesk Room Locator also compatible with other smart home devices including lamps, thermostats and locks: the number destined to grow as compatibility is extended. The device itself is very small and thin.

It is powered by a battery, therefore no cables or sockets are needed for its operation, optimized for rooms between 10 and 40 square meters in size.

This interesting accessory is already on sale in Italy: you can also buy it on Amazon for € 24.95.

LinkDesk Room Locator