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LCD monitor, shortage of components

Not a day goes by without adding new elements to suggest a likely increase in the prices of LCD screens and, consequently, of monitors and laptops that use this type of technology.After the news reported by Macity in the past weeks and coming from east, even a market investigation company, the American Provizo, claims that the future will not be easy for those who prefer this type of monitor. In fact, there are a shortage of components that will consequently lead to an increase in prices. In particular, the so-called Motherglass, the essential component of the LCD screens, "the sheet" that in fact the actual display, is in short supply, would be in short supply. In January 2000, the global demand for Motherglass had been 600,000 square meters, by the end of the year 2000 it had reached 810,000 square meters and now increases by 10% every month. The producers were not prepared for such an increase and while the plants are at their maximum production capacity, it is being decided whether and where to build new plants. But to do it and put them into operation, the time could be not less than 24 months. The difficulties could therefore not be overcome until the end of 2003. In addition to this, Techno Glass has recently closed a plant in New Hampshire that produced 10% of the world's motherglass, damaging the production capacities of companies such as Fujitsu, Samsung Electronics, International Display Technology, Chi Mei Optoeletronics and HannStar Display.Among the manufacturers that warn of having the biggest problems, according to Provizo, there will be ViewSonic, Samsung, Sharp, Reptron Electronics, Jaco Electronics, Phillips, Corning, NEC-Mitsubishi Electronic Display, Toshiba, and Matsushita Electric.Apple has recently focused heavily on LCD screens and could therefore be included among the most damaged companies.Note that the difficulties will not only affect the laptop and monitor sector, but also that of mobile phones and of PDAs.