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Kawasaki presents a sushi robot chef in Japan

In Japan, the act of preparing sushi is an art form that transcends simple western cuisine. A Shokunin, the sushi master, becomes such only after decades of preparation, indispensable to master the necessary skills and to correctly combine fish with rice.

The knowledge and craftsmanship that underlies the career of a Japanese sushi master cannot fail to clash with the technological advances of the Japanese company itself, which has recently given birth to a robot sushi chef who in the future could bypass the great tradition of legendary sushi masters , like Jiro Ono, perhaps the most venerable of the modern era Shokunins.

As reported by Gizmodo, Kawasaki, a popular Japanese company best known for its motorcycles, has recently opened a showroom dedicated to its most recent innovations in technology. One of the best ways to demonstrate the precision of the company's new (and very expensive) robotic arms is to build some robotic sushi chefs, ready to assemble one nighiri after another in front of the customers' eyes.

sushi chef robot

A video on YouTube shows the capabilities of Kawasaki's robot, which composes a couple of live nighiri. It is not clear whether the robotic sushi chef is also able to fillet the fish and perform the tasks prior to the composition only, but if the answer is negative, it is probably only a matter of time before a robot that can do it can be made. .

Robotics in the kitchen are making a giant leap and even the production of sushi will sooner or later have to deal with this trend, with all due respect to the Shokunin and their years of experience behind them. Below the YouTube video.