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iShell, the discounted cross-platform authoring program for Italy

In recent weeks iShell and Tribeworks have received considerable interest from Italian developers, here is now a special offer to use iShell both professionally and for educational purposes.

From March 8, 2002 a special discount of 175 US Dollars will start for the Silver and Education licenses of the Authoring software. You can consult the offers on this page: There is also a discount of 500 US Dollars on the Gold license. differences between the various levels of Gold and Silver support, you can consult this page.

Although Tribeworks has been on the market for four years now and has several developers currently using iShell in Italy, his desire has always been to increase the number of users, offering with iShell, not only a powerful, effective and very easy to use tool, but above all by guaranteeing excellent technical support, on which he built his image.If you have questions on the use of iShell, on Tribeworks, or regarding special offers, you can contact, for the moment in English, directly the support at this email for be helped from the beginning of your exploration adventure with iShell, up to the most technical and complicated challenges of the creative path.

To know the results obtainable with the authoring software, we would also like to point out the work of my friend Paolo Principi, who made use of iShell to create a CD Rom in 5 languages ​​that incorporates 320 QTVR of products, 1200 images and connected quality videos. to a database managed through the application's powerful table tool. Just an apple-effe on this page with the search key "monticelli".