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iPhone OS 3.0: already available (but only for iPhone 3GS)

iPhone OS 3.0: already available (but only for iPhone 3GS) – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The great maneuvers of Apple for the release of iPhone OS version 3.0 have begun: the website several American sites report that a direct link is available from today to download the new operating system for multi-touch paperbacks, precisely the version intended for iPhone 3GS .

For the other previous models, the date announced by Schiller in the keynote of last Monday remains valid: the operating system will be made available the day after tomorrow, Wednesday 17 June, free of charge for all users of iPhone EDGE and iPhone 3G and at the price of 9.90 euros for iPod touch users.

At the moment, therefore, the firmware download, probably made available for shops and all those who will receive iPhones before Friday and need to do tests, repairing problems in an emergency, completely useless for all ordinary users.

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