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iPhone in the business world, Apple focuses on Italy

iPhone in the business world, Apple focuses on Italy – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple will try to launch iPhone in the world of Italian businesses. This is what can be deduced from a new job offer that appeared during the evening on the site used by Apple for the search for personnel in which there are mentioned among the positions to be covered that of an iPhone Enterprise Business Development Manager for our country.

As the same title says, the new manager's task will be aimed at developing relationships with professional-level partners in a delicate intertwining between Apple's Italian and European leaders and mobile operators. From what we learn, in practical terms, the manager's task will be to understand the needs of companies, translate them into an agenda that starting from the functions of the iPhone will be proposed to mobile operators in the form of an iter that will lead to services and commercial proposals to hoc. The work will be carried out at the top: company and operators, but will also concern the verification of the quality of the technical and managerial training of the carriers themselves.

In short, the new manager who is looking for Apple for our market will have the task of building the entire ecosystem for the iPhone business market which is currently very incomplete in our (and other) countries.

The good news, beyond the tasks of the manager for the development of the iPhone business, lies in the fact that Cupertino seems to be seriously intent on exploiting a potentially very rich market like the Italian one but which to date as regards iPhone has not yet been scratched.

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