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iPhone, also for Tim rising prices and identical to those Vodafone

Tim posted a few minutes ago on his official website, which we had been watching for a few days,

the official iPhone prices and the news are not good at all. The mobile operator, in fact, confirms Vodafone's prices by setting terminal costs at 619 and 719 euros. No "discount" as feared by some sources this morning, but a perfect alignment with the competitor.

No precise news for the tariff plans. Telecom's mobile arm provides only a few general indications: All Inclusive 2.0 offer with price starting from 69 'per month with Internet and free calls. Also available the prepaid and unq Maxxi iPhone 10 which at 10 'per month provides 50 MB per day of data.

Despite, as mentioned, the plans have not yet been specified, the most reliable hypothesis that there will be no changes compared to the "iPhone 2.0" for those who choose the 16 GB model; currently, in fact, the minimum amount with which you can buy the old 16 GB model for just 69 euros but by subscribing to the all-inclusive Unlimited rate which provides for a considerable expense of 150 euros per month. It is very likely that if you want the 32 GB model you will have to spend well over 100 euros (probably 129 or 139 euros) and always take on an expense of well 150 euros per month.

Note that Tim currently does not offer the 8 GB iPhone 3G model as available, but continues to offer the 16 GB model both in white and black at the same previous prices (569 euros). This situation appears decidedly unusual and probably destined to change since officially Apple no longer has this model in production.

Recall that Vodafone has, instead, in the price list (as per document provided to retailers) the 8 GB model at the same previous price, but no iPhone 16 GB.

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