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iPhone 6: Here is a new and realistic Rendering


iPhone 6: Here is a new and realistic Rendering

The rumors about the nextiPhone 6 it knows no stop, and in my opinion something is boiling in the Apple house because the intensification of these rumors only bodes well for an early release of the new iPhone.

Just in recent days a new image has leaked that would portray the next iPhone in all its splendor even if it was still in the design phase on the PC of an Apple engineer. Precisely on these draft drafts MacRumors has defined a new rendering based on all the latest rumors on the next iPhone 6.

In fact, from the design schemes leaked from Japan a few days ago, here is a rendering designed by the MacRumors team who tried to develop a graphic prototype according to the guidelines leaked in the last few days.

iPhone 6

Obviously the presence of two versions, one with 4.7 and the other 5.5-inch display with shell entirely in anodized aluminum which would resume rounded shapes and without shiny parts just like the iPad Air.

In addition, the power button was moved to the side where the volume and keys were already present the thickness would be less than 7 millimeters deep with the rear camera that will protrude slightly so as not to affect the overall thickness of the iPhone 6.

So Apple seems to go back to the days of the iPhone 3GS and abandon the classic square shapes of all the latest models.

From Apple obviously still nothing has leaked but the presentation of the next iPhone 6 should take place towards the end of Summer, say at the beginning of September to be even more precise.

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