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iPhone 3GS unlocked in a YouTube movie

iPhone 3GS unlocked in a YouTube movie – logomacitynet1200wide 1

To ensure availability in stores on Friday 19 June, a few days after the first official presentation, a considerable logistical effort is needed, a powerful worldwide distribution network that may have yielded in some of its infinite jerseys. This seems the most logical explanation of the origin of the YouTube video made by a mysterious Brazilian company and reported to the Macitynet editorial team by Alex, who follows our site on the other side of the ocean. As expected, the news is gathering interest among Brazilian fans: the video that we report below in this article freely available on YouTube is reported by the blogdoiPhone site.

In addition to having not one, but three new iPhone 3GS, the author of the video shows that he has also applied the unlocking of the operator to the three smartphones, showing how they work with three different sims. The video was made not only to enthrall and die of envy for fans who eagerly await availability in stores, but also to promote the paid operator unlocking solution. In this regard, we remind you that the members of the Dev-Team in a recent post suggest to all users to be wary of any unlocking solution for iPhone 3GS especially if offered for a fee.

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