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iPhone 3GS: the matte case of the rumors was built by Apple

marzo 22, 2020

iPhone 3GS: the opaque case of rumors was built by Apple – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Externally, the new iPhone 3GS seems practically indistinguishable from the previous 3G version: all the news concern the hardware. With the official presentation to the WWDC keynote, the final appearance of the iPhone 3GS has been revealed to the world, classifying as inaccurate or completely false most of the rumors that have been circulating on the Web for months until a few hours before the presentation. Many of these rumors reported a case made of plastic material, similar if not identical in size and shape to the iPhone 3G, but more scratch-resistant and opaque.

After the presentation of the iPhone 3GS, the serial numbers stamped on the back of the case of opaque rumors were compared with the serial numbers and other information reported on the iPhone 3GS case, revealing a decidedly interesting discovery. The opaque case shows serial numbers that appeared insignificant until yesterday, but which perfectly fit into the new classification and new serials used by Apple for iPhone 3GS. This discovery basically shows that even the opaque case of the rumors is an original Apple case, built on Cupertino's orders and even silk-screened with the original serial of the new iPhone 3GS. At this point, there are two possible hypotheses: Apple executives have changed their minds on the chassis to be adopted for the iPhone 3GS at an advanced stage of production or, alternatively, that the matte case is part of that branch of Apple products built with the 'sole purpose of sidetracking deep throats, prying eyes on assembly lines and so on.

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