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iPhone 3GS: AT&T too many customers, bookings stopped

iPhone 3GS: AT&T too many customers, bookings stopped – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The AT&T staff in charge of managing reservations for the new iPhone 3GS is informing US users who made the reservation starting on Saturday 13 June that their smartphone will only be available after 7 or 14 days from the launch date. The news was published by TBGR: in practice, the mobile operator sold out for iPhones 3GS available in the pre-order phase. However not all lost for US users who want to get their hands on the new smartphone from the first day of availability.

iPhone 3GS will be available not only in the AT&T stores but also in the large Best Buy chains, Walmart and of course also in the Apple Store stores scattered throughout the United States. Now that the pieces available for pre-order are sold out for the most avid enthusiasts, all that remains is to get in line on Friday 19 June to try to get an iPhone 3GS according to the order of arrival in the shops. From the outset, the launch of the iPhone 3GS promises to turn into a rush to buy, with long night lines, popular acclaim for the lucky first and finally probably sold out in most stores.

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