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iPhone 3GS and iPhone OS 3.0 explained in the Apple guided tour

A new video arrives on the US site of Apple that explains everything you need to know about the new iPhone. It is one of the traditional introductory documents presented by an Apple character (in this case it is Nelson, an employee of a retail store) who in fifteen minutes introduces us, in English (the Italian version will probably arrive later) to the world of the "S" model

Superior performanceAfter a summary of the new functions only possible on iPhone 3GS, new camera with autofocus to record movies, digital compass, better performance, the speaker also lists some new functions offered by iPhone OS 3.0 which will also be available for previous iPhone users, including voice commands and copy and paste. In the first moments of the movie, the execution and response times of the new hardware are displayed, much faster than the current one. Games, the sequential start of applications, the rendering of Web pages and video games are now much more fluid. Without offering detailed information, it is specified that iPhone 3GS also offers more autonomy than iPhone 3G.

3 megapixel photographs and moviesThe first new feature described the 3 megapixel camera for capturing photos but also for recording movies. In addition to the superior quality, the user now has a useful and easy to use auto focus function. When you launch the photo program, the automatic focus on the object in the center of the frame: by clicking on the screen in correspondence with another person or a detail at the edge of the field, you can focus on that section. In the same way you can record movies complete with audio: once the recorded video can play it, while the editing commands appear simply by touching the screen. To cut the beginning and the final part of the film, simply move the start and end position on the timeline with your finger. Keeping your finger pressed in the desired sequence, the audio / video timeline expands, allowing you to intervene with more precision. Once the operation is completed, press the Trim button, cut, to apply the changes. At this point you can send the movie via email, MMS, post it on MobileMe and YouTube directly from your smartphone and without having to set anything else.

Voice control, not just for callingTo launch the new voice command function, simply hold down the home button or the central button on the headphones. After the sound emitted by iPhone / touch, you can say the voice command to call a contact, dictate a new phone number, or even say the voice commands to control the main music playback functions of the iPod. All the contacts stored in the address book are identified on the fly, the function capable of including a new number dictated digit by digit, it is still possible to request the start of playback of a song by pronouncing its title. It is also possible to ask iPhone / touch for the title and actual data of the song being played, start playing our playlists, activate the Shuffle function.

Never get lost again with the digital compass With a new iPhone application, it displays the digital compass on the screen to orient you to geographic or magnetic north. Furthermore, it is always possible to know the direction in which we are walking or simply observing, even when stationary. All Google Maps are automatically rotated to show them on the screen in the same direction we are heading.

Copy and paste, MMS and message forwardingThe introductory guide then illustrates the operation of copying and pasting within one or more applications and not only for text but also for images and Web pages. Simple operation: to enter the copy and paste menu, simply hold down your finger in the text entry space. The function is useful while writing SMS and now also MMS where you can send and receive photos, videos, contact data, geographic coordinates, notes and voice notes. Thanks to the new iPhone OS 3.0 it is also possible to copy and paste the content of entire messages, photos and other multimedia elements to forward and send to our contacts.

Voice notes and advanced searchesThe final part of the guide illustrates the functioning of the new integrated Voice Notes application and the enhanced search functions. Voice notes allows you to record notes, share voice notes and recordings via email, MMS or send them also to the Mac. It is possible to perform the main editing operations, finally annotate the voice notes with information on the date, author and so on. Thanks to the new search functions, it is possible to search email messages, contacts, calendars, notes and all iPod contents thanks to the upper bar for entering the desired data. In addition, Spotligh Search will be available to locate almost any information, file, document or even Web pages, just as it has been possible on the Mac for years.