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iPhone 3.0: multiple application downloads without paying

iPhone 3.0: multiple application downloads without paying – logomacitynet1200wide 1

At the beginning of June, a curious warning message was detected in iPhone 3.0, displayed when the user tried to re-install an application previously purchased from the computer directly from the iPhone. The message announced that the re-installation was possible free of charge from the computer or that it was also possible to proceed from the paperback but only by paying the price of the program again.

With the availability of iTunes 8.2 ready for iPhone 3.0 it has been found these days that the offending message completely disappeared and that the user free to re-install the application previously purchased both from the computer and from the pocket without having to pay the purchase price again . In this regard, the appadvice site asked for explanations directly to an Apple programmer in the days of WWDC. According to the programmer it was simply a bug identified and corrected, thus excluding any intention of Apple to prevent the download of an application purchased by multiple users who use touch or iphone, which is possible thanks to the new iPhone 3.0 system that allows you to manage multiple accounts on a single paperback.

Observers and even some programmers argue that the management of dowlnoads and purchases on the App Store for some time now practically completed and well cared for by Apple, thus making the explanation that indicated the origin of the problem in a bug unlikely. According to this point of view more than a bug fixed, the curious message was a detail wanted by Apple, precisely to prevent multiple and different users from being able to download the same application for free multiple times with iPhone 3.0. A function that at its appearance has triggered an impressive series of negative comments from all over the globe and which would have pushed Apple to back down. Whatever the real origin of the curious message, the ending is successful: the programs can be purchased only once and then shared among multiple users on the same paperback, obviously starting from the day after tomorrow, Wednesday 17 when iPhone 3.0 will be made available for the free download for iPhone users and € 9.9 for iPhone touch users.

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