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Intel invents the dual virtual processor

Intel invents the virtual double processor – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The ace in the hole of the next generation of Intel processors will be a sort of "virtual double processor". The technology, called hyper-threading, was illustrated during the Intel developer meeting in San Francisco. Hyper-threading, explained the managers of the Californian company, will allow a chip to "handle" different processes. at the same time. It is a system that allows a desktop to have higher performance than the current ones, making it operate as if it had two processors even if, obviously, the result in terms of speed increase is not the same. The applications will have to be able to recognize the processor and activate the function, the same thing that happens today with applications for machines with dual processors. The advantages of hyper-threading would essentially be in costs, much lower than installing two chips on the same motherboard, and in simplifying the design of the machines. Hyper-threading already present in Prestonia, the first Pentium 4 intended for the server market and released a few days ago. The first Pentium 4 for desktop to have this feature will be Prescott, which will be released early next year.

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