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Intel, here's the future

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The computers of the near future will be smaller, equipped with wireless connection systems, obviously more powerful but also with unusual shapes. Intel's prediction that designed the identikit of the PC of tomorrow based on the studies that its engineering sector is performing in these months and which will be applied to processors shortly. Precisely the changes to the processors, according to Intel, will be able to influence the way in which the PCs will be made but with the processors to affect the design of the desktops and laptops will also be other systems under study by Intel. Among these 3GIO, a system for the interconnection of circuits and peripherals and that Intel plans to take the place of PCI.3GIO will not only be faster than PCI buses but will also be able to overcome some of the constraints and conventions that oblige motherboard manufacturers to follow rather rigid designs in their elaboration. Among the first manufacturers to exploit the characteristics of 3GIO should be Dell which foresees between the end of 2003 and the beginning of 2004 the release of the first PCs of the Evo-Revo series that will allow total modularity; peripherals and accessories can be assembled as if they were pieces of Lego, guaranteeing low costs and maximum flexibility in terms of functionality at a time. Nov, in the very short term, are also expected by Intel in the laptop sector. The Pentium 4 of the M series, which are characterized by low consumption and reduced dimensions, in a few days. Speeds will be between 1.6 and 1.7 GHz and high-end equipment, CD burners and DVD players with prices around $ 2000. Slower speed versions will be presented below with parallel lower prices. Intel also intends to enter the mobile phone chip sector. The Santa Clara company has developed an integrated processor specifically for this market segment and which will be able to increase the potential of the phones, making them capable of transmitting data without any additional chip. "Internet in a chip", as Intel defined it during its world developer conference, will reduce the production costs of smart phones and their consumption, resulting, according to Intel, the true trump card in this field.

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