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In the UK, Pizza Hut's pizza box becomes an iPhone turntable

Pizza Hut has launched another of its technological initiatives: after the cardboard that becomes a video projector for iPhone, here in the UK comes the cardboard that becomes a turntable, a set similar to that used by DJs to remix music.

This is a limited edition which will only be available in some Pizza Hut restaurants in the UK. The cardboard turntable is not a real turntable but includes a series of audio controls that can be used in conjunction with smartphones, tablets or computers via Bluetooth.

There are volume icons, rotation speed, Cue button, sync button and play button. A mixer is also available to switch between both tracks being played, all via touch.

cardboard for pizza

As said, the cardboard connects to a mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop via Bluetooth, and from there users can manipulate all the controls by naturally exploiting software for DJs, such as Serato, which are essential to use it. The battery-powered pizza carton was produced by the British electronics company Novalia, which specializes in printing electronics.

Only five turntable pizza cartons have been produced, and UK residents can attempt to break one by going to Pizza Hut restaurants. Below is the video for gadgets presented by DJ Vectra.