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In Separate World, the second episode is almost ready

"A Separate world", the fum, is about to reach the second episode. This was made known by the authors of the original, all-Italian work, which was so successful with the first 'release'

In the second episode of 'A separate world' Nina will learn about Keira's secrets, and will confirm that the wicked are not only something that affects our size, unfortunately. The story begins to move, and now for Nina, as well as for her readers, a series of events will begin in rapid succession that will make her know many hidden truths. Everything that you have always thought to be your world, your friends, your certainties, will be questioned: who are the people who have always thought to be 'only' your friends? What is strange about that alley behind the Outbound Pub? Why does your nightmare with that burning man continue to haunt your sleep? In this episode, Nina will find the answers to these and other questions, and discover that she involuntarily ended up in a compelling, dangerous and incredible story. But you will also understand that the incredible remains such only as long as you stand in front of it and let it touch you.

The puzzle that makes up 'A separate world' will finally begin to take shape: but you can be sure – the authors say – that before the end it will be really difficult to distinguish good from evil.

In addition to the story, the authors report that in episode 2, the graphics for navigation have been modified to give greater prominence to the drawings.

Here the link to download the first episode and prepare for the second. Below some pictures of the second episode.