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In Aloft hotels the rooms are controlled with Siri

In Aloft hotels the rooms are controlled with Siri – Aloft hotel

Siri will be included in the Aloft hotel room package. Each room will provide an iPad – reads on Business Wire – with the Aloft app always in the foreground, thanks to which it will be possible to control the lights, the temperature of the rooms and learn about nearby attractions through simple voice requests.

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Upon arrival of the guests, the app on the tablet will show a welcome screen with advice on how to control the room via voice commands. A Hey Siri will be enough to call Apple's voice assistant and adjust the air conditioning when it is perhaps too hot, or to turn on the lights (thanks to the Philips Hue bulbs) even before getting out of bed. Furthermore, by logging in with your iTunes account, you can listen to your music in the shower.

Through the iPad it will also be possible to surf the Internet: at the end of your stay, history and any personal information entered will be removed, preparing the tablet for the next customer.

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