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IMac launch: the initiatives of the Italian UserGroups

IMac launch: the initiatives of the Italian UserGroups – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Romail R.O.A.M. participates in the launch of iMac at the UniEurodella Magliana point of sale and those who participate can register for a private presentation that will take place the following week.

UniEuro Trezzano Sul Naviglio (Milan) No user group involved but those who go to see the iMac can sign up for a private presentation that will be held by Apple on the following Tuesday at 18.00.

UniEuro Gambarare di Mira (Venice) Great gathering of the User Group of Venice-Veneto with a final pizza, in the afternoon there will be a demonstration of Mac experts.

Mondadori via Marghera, Milan iMac presentation with cocktail and cake cutting around 18.30 / 19.00 in the presence of friends of the POC (PowerBook Owners' Club) with the special presentation of the Airport Center service: for the first time in Italy a public place allows anyone who has an Apple computer equipped with AirPort to connect to the Internet wirelessly from anywhere in the shop. It is the first wireless internet café made with AirPort technology. And for those who do not have a computer or Mondadori card, it offers the possibility of using an iBook. free for half an hour.

To end on a high note, the appointment is also under the Mole – on 21 evening Silene with iMac unveiled at midnight and one minute, on 22 the same day the MediaWorld center of Le Gru, RekordData and Venco – Il MacinTO, the official Turin AMUG , meets for the usual dinner at the end of the month. The appointment set for 8 pm at Data-Project, in Via Santa Chiara 56 / A in Turin. For organizational reasons, please register for the dinner by sending an email to ( email protected)

if your UserGroup intends to do something like this, tell us!

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