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IFA 2016: Sony Xperia Agent, the Sony personal assistant who (really) also makes coffee

Sony has presented the new model of the Sony Xperia Agent: at the moment it is only a prototype, but with this device the company has shown what its proposals will probably be for the future of smart technologies.

Xperia Agent is a digital assistant such as Siri and Alexa, which allows you to complete tasks such as checking the calendar or calling contacts. Sony has added some anthropomorphic elements, building a small robot with animated eyes that, for example, in addition to performing virtual tasks, dances when playing music.

Xperia Agent was first unveiled by Sony last year, but the company has added some features over time. A couple of demo units were available at the IFA in Berlin and showed how the device could act as a hub for a smart home. The bots were connected to an audio system, a TV and a coffee machine, and under the instructions of Sony's assistants, they were able to play music, retrieve movie trailers, and order a steaming double espresso.

Obviously at the moment it is only a demo version but enough to be able to fantasize about what devices of this type can do in the future, or even in the present: just think of the Amazon Echo, from which you can already call a taxi and order a pizza. Google itself is also preparing to present its Google Home, conceived and designed to perform tasks of this kind, interfacing with other smart devices.

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