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IFA 2016, AVM news for network connections and smart home

AVMad IFA Berlin's new features were represented by smart home solutions, including some new ones that make the adjustment of radiators more comfortable and others that allow you to put garden tools into operation in different ways: with automatic presetting, or when you need to be at home both remotely: the company known for its routers, access points and network accessories with advanced features is slowly building a smarthome ecosystem based on DECT technology which it has always promoted.

FRITZ! DECT 300 a thermostatic valve made for AVM by one of the most reliable manufacturers on the market with DECT and technology helps to heat the house by setting the right temperature. The heating controller can be integrated into the FRITZ! Box and managed by computer, smartphone or tablet; even from outside the home it is possible to regulate the heating thanks to the MyFRITZ! App without installing any other dedicated gateway as DECT technology is already integrated in AVM's top of the range routers. The router management software already has all the daily and weekly programming options with the simple interface (and renewed with version 6.50, see below) to which Fritz users! they are used to it.


The new outlet FRITZ! DECT 210 for outdoors it allows you to activate the mower, turn on the lights, watering and other garden tools. All this from DECT phone, from computer, smartphone and tablet; obviously also from outside the home. Also in this case, it can be controlled directly from the company's top-of-the-range routers which, through the management software, can regulate times and establish rules. The socket also has load management to evaluate consumption and decide behavior based on the energy used.

In Berlin it was shown as the FRITZ! DECT 200 (the model of socket controlled via DECT for interiors which also controls consumption) can interact with the acoustic signals. The company explained that it will soon be possible to activate the devices with the clapping of hands or knocking on the door.


As for routers in Berlin, the new one has been presentedFRITZ! Box 7580, the top of the range router with Multi User Mimo technologycwith the new ultra-linear look already anticipated by other models that will become standard in the new top products for the home and will also arrive in Italy in the coming months.AVM's first wireless LAN 44 router that offers speeds of up to 1733 Mbit / s (5 GHz) and over 800 Mbit / s (2.4 GHz). In addition, VDSL vectoring which guarantees high-speed Internet access. A complete telephone system that includes the DECT base station and the FRITZ! OS operating system to meet all communication needs.

With the new one version 6.50 of FRITZ! OS, the FRITZ! Box operating system can also integrate smart home devices from other brands. The update includes 120 new features, performance improvements and a new user interface with design optimized for the screens of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks. The update is already available free of charge for FRITZ! Box 7490 and the 4020, 6840 LTE and 6820 LTE models. Soon, the new firmware will be extended to other devices.

The new operating system allows for an even more accurate analysis of the wireless environment. In addition, it offers: new telephony options such as blacklisting for unwanted calls, parental control functions and improvements in general product safety.

With FRITZ! OS 6.50 from the FRITZ! Box you can perform temperature monitoring. In combination with the DECT radiator thermostat from the German company Eurotronic, it is possible to regulate the temperature of each room in the room and save on heating costs. just set the hours when you are not at home on the user interface. On working days or on holidays: energy is saved thanks to the automatic lowering of the temperature. And when you get home, you will find a heated environment for your well-being. The radiator controller allows you to detect when a window is opened. In that case, it immediately closes the valve for the preset time and the heating costs are further reduced.