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Hypertransport coming soon

Hypertransport coming soon – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The first appearance of Hypertransport, the new technology intended to speed up communications between the various chips that make up the motherboard, will be in an AMDLo chipset, announced the same Californian company that in the past few hours has provided some specifications of the chipset intended to support Hammer , its next-generation processor that will be released later this year. The chipset, called AMD-8000, will include three chips: AMD-8111, which will function as the Hub for HyperTransport I / O devices and which will take the Southbridge chip place used with Athlons; AMD-8131 which will act as communication between HyperTransport and PCI-X devices; and the AMD-8151 for HyperTransport support of AGP 3.0 compatible devices.We remind that Hypertransport is a technology developed essentially by AMD but to whose consortium Apple has also joined, which will probably use it in its motherboards in the future. The maximum possible bandwidth for Hypertransport of 12.8 GB per second by eliminating one of the bottlenecks currently present on the motherboards.

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