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Google Photos updates in web version: more information on the shots

Google Photos continues to update, adding useful features and tools to make the app more useful and complete. So, after having renewed itself on Android by eliminating the side navigation bar, it introduces for each saved photo some additional information that will be appreciated especially by those who have a particularly full-bodied image library. However, this change is currently limited to the web version of Google Photos only. We will see if in the next few days it will also be extended to the Android and iOS apps.

Soon said: on Google Photos in desktop version, for each photo we now have more information available. Just click on the "i" at the top right and we will find out:

  • if the photo was shared from another user and which album it comes from
  • from what type of device has been uploaded (Android, iOS, web, Google Drive)

These are small details, however useful for more information on the shot having immediately available the data on its origin.

And what do you use to put your photos in order? And if it is the Google app, do you prefer to have unlimited space with a small renunciation of image quality or do you want the photo at maximum resolution by relying on a Google One plan?