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Free alternative to SimCity for iPhone, iPod and iPad: create the city of your …


With Tiny City you create the city of your dreams on iPhone, iPod and iPad

I propose today an interesting and fun game for iPhone, iPod and iPad: Tiny City a kind of SimCity, but free, more fun and much nicer also graphically. Let's see what it offers and how it works.

tiny "src =" "/></p><p style=Tiny City a new game just released for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

It was developed byChilllingorib of Electronic Arts active for some time in the mobile gaming sector on iOS and Android. Among the most established titles how not to remember Cut the Rope, just to give an example. To the many titles already released, today it is added Tiny City, the latest news from Chillingo developers

Tiny City,as easily understood by the name, it fits into the tested and famous strand of simulators. In particular, in this case we will find ourselves in the role of a mayor: the goal will be to transform a small city into a more established metropolis, a bit like in the SimCity game, which is only available for a fee on the App Store. To influence the prosperity of this virtual village, it will be necessary to put all our skills in managing planning and development into play.

Contrary to SimCity, however, in this case there is no free play mode: we will have to face and overcomeover a thousand small and fun missions to help grow our city and make it prosper. It is up to us of course to choose which buildings to build to attractnew inhabitants and enlarge our town.

In addition to all this, then, we also find a very nice, nice and well-made graphics, which I will accompany without ever getting tired.

The game available free on the App Store, but inside, as we are used to seeing, through function In-app it will be possible to buy ingots and coins in order to grow the city in an even faster way.

The application Tiny City available on the App StoreFREE. I advise you to try it at least: really fun and well done, and then also for free, one more reason to give it a chance. I have been using it for a few hours and I must admit that it has taken me enough: you can play even without in-app purchases and the game is really exciting. If you love SimCity-style games, this will please you.

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