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For the first reviews MacBook Air 2020 is the Apple laptop to buy

A few days after the launch of Apple, the first MacBook Air 2020 reviews are already starting to appear in the United States. In general, the ratings are very positive and practically all highlight the strengths of this important hardware update.

Among the most popular features is the significant increase in performance, as noted also in the first benchmarks that appeared on the net which demonstrate that the new model with Intel Coire i3 dual Core processor of the tenth generation, then that of the basic model in Italy offered at 1,229 euros on Apple Online store, it is faster than the previous model equipped with Intel Core i5 dual core eighth generation.

macbook air 2020 reviews

The other hardware specification most mentioned is the greater SSD storage capacity: while before it started with only 128GB, now even the cheapest base model finally offers 256GB, a quality of space more than enough for most tasks and users. Of course, you can always increase the capacity of the SSD with a surcharge, customizing the configuration during the purchase: with 250euro more you get 512GB, paying 500 euros you get to a terabyte, while for the top 2 TB you need to practically double the cost of the portable because the upgrade alone costs 1,000 euros.

Apple presents the new MacBook Air with doubled performance and Magic Keyboard

The improvement that practically all the first MacBook Air 2020 reviews praise the new keyboard with scissor mechanism, a step back for Apple that has finally abandoned the butterfly mechanism, which proved unreliable over time and subject to malfunctions and failures even with small particles of dust and dirt. The soft and slightly noisier touch, but with keys that scroll a little more and return a better feeling during typing, it is even referred to as a feature that is worth updating even by itself. This also for those who bought the same laptop in the 2018 version or even the penultimate version of 2019.

Other positive features include the good quality of the screen, the elegant and super slim design, the low weight, the improved sound. Ultimately all these improvements combined with the new price that starts in the US only from 999 dollars, make MacBook Air as the laptop indicated for most Apple users.

The only small negative point concerns the webcam which unfortunately still stops at 720p resolution, while many expected Apple to introduce an upgrade to finally get to 1080p resolution but for this unfortunately it seems we should wait a little longer. For those who fear that the dual core processor may suffer in the immediate future or with heavy applications open simultaneously, the advice that emerges in some of the MacBook Air 2020 reviews is the same: spend only 50 euros more in the configuration phase for the basic model to install the Intel Core i5 processor or 130 euros to install the Core i7.

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