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For fans of style: satin aluminum pen for Wacom Intuos

For fans of style: satin aluminum pen for Wacom Intuos – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Intuos2 Designer Pen is a new brushed aluminum pen that is added to the family of input devices dedicated to Intuos2 Graphics Tablet System. Suitable for all "fans" of WACOM graphics tablets and for users attentive to design and style.

Pen Designer features: The pen is enclosed in a satin metal structure, with a wider internal padding than that of the Intuos2 Grip Pen, which makes it extremely comfortable to handle. According to Wacom "its design eliminates the onset of cramps, relieves fatigue and reduces hand tension especially in case of prolonged use of the pen. The grip area, covered with rubber, ensures a comfortable grip and precise control of movements. "

The pen with a second rubber grip area that can replace the side button. This option is indicated for users who prefer to work only with the pen, instead of using the functions of the double side button to program the keyboard shortcuts or customize the pop-up menu. With 1,024 pressure levels, the tip of the sensitive pen also to the lightest touch (30g). Through the control panel of the Intuos2 tablet, users can customize the pen pressure curve. Furthermore, the customization of the pressure settings offers the graphs the possibility to establish preferential working methods for each user.

Based on the patented technology of WACOM, Pen Designer without wires and batteries and can be used with all the graphics tablets of the Intuos2 line. Design Pen will be available from the end of February 2002 at the price of Euro 110 + VAT. The product covered by a two-year warranty.

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