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Fibaro, a super-button to control scenarios with the Z-Wave protocol

Fibaro, a company specializing in home automation systems, at the IFA in Berlin shows an accessory for the smart home called "The Button". It is a wireless device capable of recognizing six different types of clicks (single click, double click, long pressed button, etc.). The device communicates with a central system using the Z-Wave protocol allowing the execution of predefined "scenes". The six different "scenarios" that can be recalled can be customized by the user; a device of this type can be used to open the shutters, start the coffee machine, turn on the radio and so on: various functions assigned to the clicks of one or push buttons.

The button does not require cables, according to the manufacturer it consumes very little energy (generally speaking of "long life cycles) and of small dimensions (height 34mm and diameter 46mm). The functionality of the device can be controlled by smartphone or tablet; of course, it can also be installed on the wall, useful for controlling lights, alarms from a single point or setting scenes to be activated when entering the house (with a click the lights are opened, the alarm is deactivated, the TV is turned on) or all 'output (closing lights, activating alarms, etc.). The wireless technology used Z-Wave, a wireless protocol designed for home automation and whose scope of use includes automation in residential, commercial, hospitality and care environments and with possible applications ranging from home automation to remote surveillance and telemedicine, to continue with home entertainment, access control, efficient and energy saving systems. The Z-Wave ecosystem supports over 1500 devices and products from hundreds of brands of different brands.

On Amazon Fibaro The Buttion for sale for 49.79 euros.

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