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Faster DVD burners on the horizon

marzo 22, 2020

Faster DVD burners on the horizon – logomacitynet1200wide 1

New faster DVD burners on the horizon. The hope of seeing drives capable of writing media faster is based on the announcement, which has arrived in the past few hours, that Sharp and Mitsubishi have developed a more powerful laser diode. This essential component in the perspective of having DVD-R and burners in general at a higher speed than the current ones. According to the specifications made known by Sharp and Mitsubishi the diode 40% faster than those currently in production. This means 44 Mbps data transmission capability, which is writing a 4.7GB DVD in just 14 minutes. The new diode should be on the market soon. Mass production and in sufficient quantities to feed the market scheduled for May or June. At that point 4x DVD burners will be a reality. In time, it would be tempting to think, for an upgrade of the Mac hardware in July. To reach 6x, some sources claim, it will be necessary to wait another year. By 2003 we will have 120 milliwatt diodes capable of pushing the burners at that speed.

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